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Bookbinding with Kids: Creating Notebooks with Sticks

After last week’s monoprinting with clippings from our backyard, SJ and I found ourselves with a solid pile of prints. We kept some and sent some as fun surprises to friends, but we still have some left over. We decided to use them to make beautiful keepsake notebooks!

Because the monoprints use elements from nature, mostly leaves, we decided to stick with that theme. When I was a little girl, I remember making “nature observation” booklets using sticks and either pampas grass or string. I thought it would be nice to replicate that, using our pretty prints.

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Printmaking with Kids: Monoprinting with Nature and a Gel Block

With sharp tools, tough linoleum, and a hulking press, i’ve got to admit my usual printmaking practice isn’t exactly kid-friendly. After some requests for more accessible options, particularly from my own five-year-old SJ, I wanted to offer a weekly series of creativity for the kiddos. My hope is that these will be artsy craftsy activities that keep them entertained for at least half an hour and produce pieces of artwork worthy of a frame, rather than just the fridge.

First up, monoprinting with nature!

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