How long before I receive my artwork?

As each piece is handmade and often made-to-order, please allow up to 7-10 business days for an order to ship. Once shipped, if you are in the United States, you should receive your package within 2-4 days, depending on location. If you are located internationally, I have found the shipping timeline can vary based on location and local services, but generally will take at least 8-12 days to arrive.

What materials do you use?

I promise this is fully covered in my Resources section. I share the information in great detail, but this continues to be the most frequent question I receive (by email, direct message, comments, carrier pigeon, messenger trout), and for that reason I am no longer going to prioritize responding. This certainly isn't meant to be rude, as I love sharing, but I find myself spending too much time on the computer or my phone answering it again and again. If you have reviewed the section carefully and still have questions, then please feel free to reach out!

Why aren't you accepting commissions?

I love collaborating with clients on special pieces, but I don't currently have the capacity to devote full attention to both custom pieces and my original work and planned projects. Thank you for your interest, though; it truly means a lot.

Can I get a tattoo of your work?

This question blows me away. I’m incredibly flattered by the idea that someone would want something I’ve created on their body forever, so thank you. If you’re interested in one of my existing designs, I ask that you purchase the piece. Not only does this pay me for my time, but can also help your tattoo artist properly capture the details. Additionally, I kindly request credit (with tag) on social media if you share, just as you likely would credit the tattoo artist.

What if my art arrives damaged?

We take great care in packing each piece for shipment, placing each piece of work in a protective plastic sleeve and mailing in a hard cardboard Stay Flat mailer with chipboard or a hard tube with appropriate handling stickers. Of course, sometimes the postal service seems to take this as a challenge. If your artwork arrives damaged, please contact me immediately. I will create a replacement at no cost and ship it out within the 7-10 business days quoted for normal orders. If possible, I kindly ask that you email me a photo of the damage for my records and to use in dealing with the post office. 

Who made your rings?

Working with my hands means showing them a lot in process photos, and I love to wear pretty rings. I find quite a few in antique stores in my hometown, but the thumb ring I always wear was made by The Wild Pine and the especially large turquoise rings I often wear were made by Broken Pine Studio.