Where They Roam

Where They Roam


Rolling hills and valleys of mixed greens are lined by patches and rows of trees, where you can easily imagine a herd of buffalo roaming freely. In the distance, mountains stand watch, created using very lightly mixed colors that still retain their individual shades. The sky resembles marbling, with visible brushstrokes in the Prussian blue and white paint.

This landscape is painted with slow-drying acrylics on an 8"x10" birch surface, with a solid pine frame cradle for easy hanging with a simple nail. The sides of the cradle are painted white. The entire painting is finished using professional grade gloss varnish for preservation. The painting is initialed in the bottom right corner, with full signature, date, and title on the back.

Painting will be packed safely and shipped within a week of purchase. Shipping is a flat rate within the United States, and all international orders will be invoiced separately for shipping at cost (appearing as zero at initial purchase).

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