Aftyn is the outdoorsy printmaker and painter behind Rise + Wander. Working most days from a sunny studio in her home outside Philadelphia, the rhythm of her creative practice is influenced (or happily interrupted) by moments outside with her young sons. Being active and outdoors factors heavily into her process, and she spends part of her year on the road, most notably working from the mountains of Colorado for long days of inspiration (and no cell service).

With a background in communications and federal strategy consulting, Aftyn’s art practice emerged rather unexpectedly. After a life-changing car accident and living with the daily effects of a traumatic brain injury, one of her doctors ordered her to get outside and to keep her hands busy. From those early, tentative weeks hiking and then coming home to carve linoleum blocks, nature and creativity became forever linked.

Sundays in the Shah household are reserved for standing ankle-deep in creeks and stopping by roadside farmstands, collecting treasures and memories. Aftyn’s proud of her rural Rust Belt roots in NE Ohio, and hopes to give her sons the gift of the same simple joys she experienced there.


The Reminder behind the Name


Rise + Wander started as a personal reminder to get up and outside, and has grown into a mission to move others. Our hope is that everything we offer inspires a sense of adventure and curiosity in your space, from the original artwork to the mug for your precious cup of coffee in the morning. We want to bring a little bit of the Great Outdoors inside, and believe it will remind you to pursue your own adventures, both big and small. Just as nature provided healing restoration and inspiration during Aftyn’s recovery, nature has the power to soothe and connect all of us.

Aftyn spent much of her childhood overseas, living and traveling with her family, and collecting artwork directly from local artisans along the way. The chance to bring home special items and understand the craftsmanship behind them was powerful, and it’s a joy and connection that come from owning original artwork touched by the artist. One of the beautiful elements of the printmaking process is the ability to create original artwork, sister pieces each touched by the artist, multiple times. Additionally, many reproductions we offer have hand-embellishments to imbue some of the love and uniqueness found in originals.

Ultimately, our mission is to stir your wandering spirit through beauty and connection.


Giving Back

Since day one, part of Rise + Wander’s goal has been to donate to the amazing organizations creating positive change in our communities and around the world. Each year, we donate a portion of our profits to a handful of organizations.

In the past, these organizations have focused on environmental conservation, disaster relief, and supporting women through education and entrepreneurship.