Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept commissions?

Unfortunately, I cannot accept commissions at this time. This includes tattoo and logo designs, as well as art prints, paintings, and papercuttings. I love working with clients, but right now I need to focus on my original work and planned projects.

What are prints?

Prints are made through a process known as relief printing. Using special tools, I carve away parts of a rubber or linoleum block, creating an image or design. The portion of the block left uncarved is inked using a brayer, while the areas that have been carved away will be ink-free (and therefore white space). When the block is pressed against the paper, it leaves an image. This is also known as blockprinting, linoprinting, or linocut printing. Each print for sale is an original (not a digital reproduction), with its own individual characteristics.

Most of my prints are created on an open edition basis, which means I will print the design as long as the block remains in good shape. This allows me to provide original artwork at an affordable price. They are not numbered and the amount is determined solely by the life of the block. As I try out new techniques, however, I am slowly adding in limited editions, which means only a limited number are printed and each will be numbered appropriately.

To read about the process and tools in further detail, please check out this blog post.

What materials do you use?

If you're interested in the specific details around block printing materials, please see the Tools & Materials page.

For block printing, I use archival quality water-soluble relief ink on a variety of papers, depending on the project. I draw, carve, and print by hand, with each print pressed individually and having its own unique character.

For painting, I typically use hardwood art panels, Golden Open Acrylics, and Windsor & Newton Professional Varnish.

How long before I receive my artwork?

If it's already in stock, a print will ship within a few days of purchase, and US shipments generally take 1-3 days to get through the mail system once posted. When prints are made-to-order, please allow 10 days for printing and full drying before it's ready to ship.

Paintings will be shipped out within one week or purchase.

My main shipment day is generally Friday or Saturday, and I mail out everything that's ready to go. If I have quite a few orders ready before that, I'll ship earlier in the week, as well. You'll receive a shipping confirmation when your order ships.

For more information about shipping, please see the shipping page.

Can I request an alteration?

While I don't offer custom commissions at this time, I can potentially provide alterations if they involvw ink or paper color changes, depending on availability. If you have something else in mind, please ask and we can discuss if it's feasible. Alterations will typically be at no or minimal additional cost; if there is an additional cost, I will inform you up-front and explain why.

Do you accept returns?


All art sales are final. I sincerely hope that every order is received and loved with the same care I take in creating the pieces. In order to achieve the highest level of transparency, I make every effort to take the clearest photographs and provide as much detail as possible in the descriptions. This said, if for some reason you are unsatisfied please email me immediately.

What if my art arrives damaged?

I take great care in packing each piece for shipment, but if your artwork arrives damaged please contact me immediately and we can discuss options based on the order and issue. Please take a photograph when possible for my records.