Shipping Information

Domestic US Shipments

Artwork Type Priority Mail
Unframed* $3.25 (First-Class Mail)
One Frame $13.00
Two Frames $17.00
Three Frames $25.00
Four Frames $30.00

*Please note that orders of more than four unframed items may require two separate mailers.

International Shipments

At this time, R+W ships only unframed artwork to the Americas, Europe, and Australia.

Location Shipping Cost
Canada $10.00
Latin America $15.00
Europe $15.00
Australia $15.00

Order to Shipment Timeline

If a print is available in stock, it will ship within a few days. Prints are often made upon order, though, so please allow 7-10 days for printing and full drying before it's ready to ship. Papercuttings are no longer made-to-order and will ship the next mail day after order (usually 3-5 days). My standing shipment day is Friday or Saturday and I mail out everything that's ready to go. I generally have an additional mail day earlier in the week, as needed based on orders. You'll receive a shipping confirmation when your order ships.

Packing for Shipment

For unframed artwork, whether a print or a papercutting, the art is carefully placed in a clear protective plastic sleeve and mailed in a hard cardboard Stay Flat mailer. 

For framed artwork, up to three frames are packed into a 200lb-tested corrugated fiberboard box, using bubblewrap and kraft paper for padding and to ensure no movement during shipping.