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The Intent

Rise + Wander started as a personal reminder to get up and outside, and has grown into a mission to move others. I hope my artwork inspires a sense of adventure and curiosity in your space, a little bit of the Great Outdoors inside, and that it also encourages you to step outside for your own adventures. Much of my work involves nature, landscapes real and imagined, as being outside has always provided inspiration and soothing restoration.

Growing up overseas, my family collected beautiful pieces of artwork and ceramics directly from artisans, and I continue to place great emphasis on that connection. Every piece sold by Rise + Wander has been handmade here in my home studio outside Philadelphia. Apparel aside, I only sell original artwork, and I strive to make my work accessible across a wide range of price points. Blockprinting is especially democratic in that regard, making it easier to create something original multiple times.

I hope one of my pieces will stir your wandering spirit.

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Giving Back

I love to support the amazing organizations creating positive change in our communities and around the world, and I donate a portion of my profits each year. Generally, the organizations focus on environmental conservation or supporting women through education or entrepreneurship, but I also periodically pick other organizations based on current events.


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