R+W Monthly Feature: STL County Parks Foundation

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After moving out of my parents' home in rural Ohio, I spent years living in the urban neighborhoods of Chicago, DC, and Northern Virginia, and now live in the suburbs of St. Louis with my little family. I often feel a physical ache for wide open spaces and an itch for impromptu adventures. I love being outside, no matter the season. I enjoy sitting in trees, climbing up dirt and rock hills, and trying not to fall in rivers. I have the heart (and sometimes skinned knees and palms) of a 9-year-old explorer, which I hope to pass onto my son. Even though he's not yet two, he has become my little wandering sidekick, and we spend quite a few muddy hours going on off-path hikes and finding treasures (acorns and twigs, oh my!).

We are incredibly fortunate that St. Louis County has a network of 71 parks with about 12,720 acres of land for us to explore. In addition to contributing to the ecological and economic well-being of St. Louis, this green space has been invaluable to my sanity. For that reason, Rise + Wander has three prints inspired by the St. Louis County Parks Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the beautiful park system we have here. For the lifetime of the designs, 10% of the revenue generated from these three prints will be donated to the Foundation. Additionally, until early February, 10% of all R+W sales will be donated to the Foundation.

If you would like to learn more about the St. Louis County Parks Foundation, please click here.

Aftyn Shah