Painted Terrain Daydreams

Combining intuitive paint swipes and playful free-form ink illustrations, these little mixed media pieces will give your space a touch of whimsical adventure. Each piece is an original, with unique movement and a complementary collection of colors as the base and a miniature world drawn on top. Tiny adventurers can be found in each one, sometimes with friends and sometimes with equally tiny animals amidst the trees or cities - or even at sea in a boat!

Each one has been created on hand-torn Stonehenge cotton fiber paper, which means pretty deckled edges that look fantastic when displayed, perhaps in a glass-on-glass frame. Occasionally, they are completed on bisque ceramic pieces or natural wooden blocks with a keyhole slot for easy hanging. Unless otherwise specified, they have been signed or initialed and dated with the year on the front, with full date and location where it was completed (sometimes they are inked outside my studio).

I hope you enjoy these little tangible daydreams!

New collection of originals coming at the end of April!


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