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I am a self-taught printmaker and painter, living just outside Philadelphia with my family. I work from my home studio, and the rhythm of my art practice is largely dictated by my young sons. Creativity blends into playtime or is found in those rare quiet moments of motherhood. Living near the city, I love the dynamic energy, but dream of mountain lakes and pine forests – some I’ve seen and ones I haven’t. I try to escape outside with my boys as often as I can to explore, tracking down treasures or collecting panoramas and moments to remember forever.

Although drawn to creative interests my whole life, I spent most of my twenties on unrelated office work in Chicago and Washington, DC. I left strategy consulting after a life-changing car accident, and rediscovered the importance and power of art during the healing process. Rise + Wander, my creative studio and company, grew out of a personal reminder to get up and get outside throughout my recovery. I hope that my work moves others to do the same.

Since starting Rise + Wander in 2016, my work has been shown in galleries and through collaborations, but most importantly it resides in the home of nature-lovers across the world. A huge goal of my studio is to create work that is both inspiring and accessible, affording everyone the opportunity to bring a piece that touches them into their home.

Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me.

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