Moby & the Pequod

Moby & the Pequod


One of the most iconic pieces of American literature, Melville's Moby Dick has been called the greatest book of the sea ever written. This print shows the Great White Whale attacking the Pequod and smaller whaling boat, with frothy waves and giant clouds. The image was first sketched and then carved from a single block, and each print is hand-pressed with black ink on 100% cotton printmaking paper or Nideggen Natural paper. 

Image is 9"x12" with a signature at the bottom, perfect for a matted frame. Full sheet of paper is approximately 11" x 14".

Due to the handmade nature of blockprinting, each print will be unique and may differ slightly from the pictured original. Rest assured, care will be taken to guarantee you love your print!

This print is UNFRAMED.

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