Bend Low, towards the Dirt

Bend Low, towards the Dirt


“Bend Low, towards the Dirt” is about reverence and recognizing our place within the incredibly intricate and vast world around us. This piece was a true labor of love, with great care paid to the lines and geometry and intricacy. I hope this piece stirs your own respect and admiration for our beautiful world.

The image was first sketched and then carved from a single linoleum block, and each print is pressed onto Nideggen natural or 100% cotton rag in Fawn. (The colors are very similar, but Nideggen is a sandier color with a little more visual texture. Please see last image for comparison.) The image is approximately 16”x24”, making it a perfect statement piece for your wall and easy to frame. A narrow margin is left on all sides and may need to be trimmed, depending on the buyer’s framing preferences. The print is signed with date, title, and number in the limited edition (of 100) at the bottom.

Due to the handmade nature of blockprinting, each print will be unique and may differ slightly from the pictured original. Due to the large black areas of this design, there will be slight patching. Rest assured, care will be taken to guarantee you love your print!

This print is UNFRAMED.

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