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Narberth, PA 19072
United States

Spring 2017 Paintings

Spring reimagined

So often, we wait for fresh, bright greens and young flowers to declare spring has arrived, but it's a mercurial season filled with moody hues and fickle temperatures. Cherry blossoms and budding leaves are only a limited glimpse of this special season, and I really wanted to touch on the icy remnants of winter and the richly diverse climates.

When I started painting this collection, I selected a limited palette that spoke of spring to me: bone black, indigo blue, light touches of iridescent gold, dark browns, and a handful of greens and earthy reds. Each piece focuses heavily on texture and how these colors play together on a variety of mountain landscapes. I worked largely with palette knives and used slow-drying acrylics, both of which afforded me a certain liberation in creating the balance and compositions I wanted.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my take on spring!